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E-WASTE RECYCLING is Noida based company which one of the fast grown recycling company in India. We are engaged in recycle and reuse your useless and denied electrical and electronic products in a professional manner. We are one of the leader service provider engaged in offering services for collection, recycling and safe disposal of electrical & electronics scraps. Our process and recycling policies are based on eco and environment friendly. We are a sister concern of Green Recycling. We have more than 15 years experince in e-scrape and e-recycling

At E-Waste Recycling we provide the complete recycling management. Our process start from collection the dead or retired electrical and electronic devices from your door step, transporting them, then sorting the equipments as working and non-working, secured data, sorting into different commodities like, glass, iron, steel, plastic aluminum, copper and other fractions, remarketing of reusable equipments, components and various recovered commodities as well as disposal of hazardous substance as per the approved rules and regulations.

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