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Spark Lab

Spark Lab

Sparklab It Traning Company

SparkLab Engineering System is a private limited organisation established under the Companies Act 1956 (No. 1 of 1956). The organisation has been setup by an experienced team of engineers to carry out R&D design and training work in the field of Electronics and Electrical engineering. We encourage, initiate and promote facilities for the improvement and development of Electronics system design especially in the domain of Embedded systems and VLSI design.

The organisation aims to carry in house engineering research to develop new ideas and technologies in the field of VLSI and Embedded Systems and expose budding engineers to this fascinating and real side of engineering. This organisation strives to bridge the gap between college methodology of education and industrial requirement from an aspiring engineer. This is done by first imparting sound engineering concepts and then providing practical exposure to engineers in the field of VLSI and Embedded System so that they can use their studied concept to analyze and build real world project and become engineers in true sense.

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